Enjoy your trip with comprehensive security from Hanse Merkur! Especially in areas such as Switzerland, where rescue and helicopter transport costs can be high in the event of an accident, additional insurance is advisable. Travel health insurance covers medical treatment costs abroad without a deductible and travel accident insurance protects against financial burdens in the event of an accident. Travel cancellation insurance reimburses cancellation costs without a deductible.

We encourage every participant to consider these additional insurances to make your trip not only unforgettable but also worry-free. Hanse Merkur stands for reliable protection, especially in situations that may require additional financial security.

(1.) Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung - für beliebig viele Reisen
(2.) Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung - für einmalige Reisen
(3.) Reiserücktritt + Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung-Pakete

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