Keep the planet in mind!

A passion for winter sports, an action-packed lifestyle and an environmentally conscious lifestyle need not be a contradiction in terms. Our as-new coaches not only impress with their safety and comfort, they are also demonstrably the most environmentally friendly means of transport, which is why the CO2 footprint of each participant is negligible. 

Environmentally conscious travelling starts with a climate-friendly journey. According to various studies, no other mode of transport has lower emissions and energy consumption than the coach. A bus passenger travelling 100 kilometres in an average-sized vehicle consumes only around 1.4 litres of diesel. Travelling by train requires over a third more fuel, while cars and planes consume more than three times as much energy for the same distance.

Sustainable mobility can not only limit the effects of climate change. It also means improved quality of life, increased road safety and lower costs. With our Cruise and Ride bus trips, you can enjoy your passion for winter sports with a clear conscience. Your ecological footprint won't be spoilt by wanderlust! By the way, travelling by bus with like-minded people is also much less stressful, much more sociable and simply more fun!

New are our pocket ashtrays & waste bags, which we hand out free of charge in front of the buses with the lift pass. It is also part of our DNA that everyone, both on the mountain and in the valley, disposes of all rubbish properly. Our hearts bleed when we find any packaging, butts or other rubbish in the ski area!
Let´s keep our playground clean!